Best time for outdoor wedding

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Yes! It’s that time of the season to celebrate and give thanks to our family and friends. Holiday wedding can be stressful, but taking a step back to acknowledge the positives can really make a differences.


By taking advantages of the fall season elements you’ll get unforgettable photos. The fall breeze makes your veil flow gracefully and the fall foliage, colorful leaves and voluminous trees provide a vibrant backdrop for your portrait session. Pumpkins, sunflowers, candles, burlap, and wooden accents are some of the comment décor elements we can use for fall weddings.

The cooler temperatures and less direct sunlight is the perfect time for outdoor ceremony or reception. The guests not only can enjoy the crisp cool air but also enjoy not feeling hot and sticky in their formal attire throughout the entire outdoor wedding.

You can also enjoy the cozy holiday vibes with your friends and bridesmaids by buying the perfect robe with custom letting to show, your thanks and it could be the one ray of sunshine for their day.